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Sand casting process

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Sand casting as a technology has been around for millennia, and is chosen as a most preffered technique to produce shaped parts that weight less than a pound, to very large parts.The method is flexible and price effective, even for low volume runs because of tooling value. Nearly any part configuration that can be created in another material can be reduced to a pattern and created as a sand casting.
Sand casting is employed to create huge elements (typically Iron, Bronze, Brass, Aluminum). molten metal is poured into a mould cavity shaped out of sand (natural or synthetic).
Casting is also called foundering, is the oldest manufacturing technique in which liquid molten metal is poured into a perforated casting cavity of refractory material. enable liquid metal to solidify, after hardening the casting metal can be taken out by breaking the mould.

Advantages of Sand Casting

Molten metal flows into very little ant section within the molten cavity. therefore any advanced form can be simply created.
practically any material can be casted.
Ideal technique is by producing very little quantities
because of very little cooling rate from all directions, the properties of casting are same in all directions.
Any size of casting can be created up to 2 hundred tons.
Casting is the usually least expensive and most direct technique of producing a form with certain desired mechanical properties.
certain metals and alloys like very creep resistant metal-based alloys for gas turbines can't be worked automatically and might be cast alone.
heavy instrumentation like machine leads, ship’s propeller, etc. can be thrown simply within the required size rather than fabricating them by joining many little items.
Casting is best suited to composite parts requiring completely different properties in various direction. These are created by incorporating desirable inserts in a

casting. as an example, aluminum conductors into slots in iron coil for electrical motors, wear resistant skins onto shock resistant elements
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