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ID# 003860

CAT unit injector 116-8800 0R9595 3176B

No.188,Hangang xilu High-tech Ind-Developing zone,
0086-594-3603380 (Main Phone)
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Chinahanji Power Co.,Ltd

1. As a specialized manufacturer of diesel fuel injection system, our factory has been in this field nearly 28 years. Being up against the opportunities and challenges of entering the WTO, we constantly adjust our step, advance with times and tides, introduce advanced manufacturing technique and precision instrument to make our quality in the leading position in this line.

2. Our main products include VE pumps and its relatives: To give an exampleas)VE rotor&heads, feed pumps, cam disc, drive shafts, magnet switches, barrel&plungers( A, AD, P, PS7100, MW, PS8500 etc), nozzles(DN**SD, DN**PDN., S, SN, PN. ), Delivery valve etc, and some Caterpillar parts, Cummins parts.

3. If there is anything interested, please don't hesitate to contact us. We'll do our efforts to supply you the best-quality products and the sincerest services to meet your demand.


Tel:+86-594-3603380 Fax:+86-594-3600560 Contact name:Ms Guo
CAT unit injector:
Hanji No. Caterpillar P/N Reman Engine
HJ101-1619 101-1619 0R9595 3176B
HJ102-2014 102-2014 10R2781 3406E
HJ102-2266 102-2266 0R9596 3176B
HJ102-6230 102-6230 10R2780 3406 / C15
HJ102-6236 102-6236 10R2782 3406 / C15
HJ103-4562 103-4562 0R4300 3406E/C15
HJ104-7897 104-7897 0R4205/0R9591 3176B
HJ104-7900 104-7900 0R4203/0R4523 3176A
HJ106-2233 106-2233 0R4523 3176A
HJ106-2244 106-2244 0R4524 3176A
HJ106-2255 106-2255 0R9591 3176B
HJ106-2277 106-2277 0R9592/0R4207 3176B
HJ106-2288 106-2288 0R9594 3176B
HJ109-5021 109-5021 10R2781 3406E/C15
HJ109-5038 109-5038 0R4332/10R2782 3406E/C15
HJ116-5426 116-5414 10R0967 C10/3176C
HJ116-5424 116-5424 0R4986 C10/3176C
HJ116-5425 116-5425 10R0968 C12
HJ116-8800 116-8800 0R9595 3176B
HJ116-8805 116-8805 0R9530 C12 / 3196
HJ116-8811 116-8811 0R4521 3176A
HJ116-8822 116-8822 0R4522 3176A
HJ116-8823 116-8823 0R4523 3176A
HJ116-8833 116-8833 0R4523 3176A
HJ116-8844 116-8844 0R4524 3176A
HJ116-8855 116-8855 0R4525/0R9591 3176B
HJ116-8866 116-8866 0R4526 3176B
HJ116-8877 116-8877 0R9592 3176B
HJ116-8888 116-8888 0R9594 3176B
HJ116-8899 116-8899 0R4529 3176B
HJ117-0481 117-0481 10R2782 3406 / C15
HJ117-0482 117-0482 0R4331/10R2781 3406E/C15
HJ117-1146 117-1146 0R4893 /10R2780 3406E/C15&C16
HJ117-1148 117-1148 0R4118/0R4893 3406E/C15
HJ118-7929 118-7929 0R4895/10R2782 3406E/C15&C16
HJ118-8010 118-8010 0R4894/10R2781 3406E/C15&C16
HJ118-8700 118-8700 0R4667 3406E/C15&C16
HJ118-9027 118-9027 10R2782 3406/C15
HJ118-9035 118-9035 0R4668 / 0R4893 3406E/C15
HJ137-2497 137-2497 0R8780 C10/3176C
HJ137-2500 137-2500 10R0963 C12
HJ140-8951 140-8951 0R9256/10R2780 3406E/C15&C16
HJ140-8993 140-8993 0R9257/10R0957 3406E/C15&C16
HJ147-0373 147-0373 10R0963 C12/3196
HJ152-3680 152-3680 0R9258/10R2780 3406E/C15&C16
HJ153-7923 153-7923 0R9595 3176B
HJ156-1011 156-1011 10R0968 C12
HJ160-1090 160-1090 10R0963 C12/3196
HJ160-2303 160-2303 10R0963 C12/3196
HJ161-1708 161-1708 10R0960 C10/3176C
HJ161-1785 161-1785 10R0967 C10/3176C
HJ166-0149 166-0149 0R9530 C12
HJ166-0155 166-0155 0R7549 3196
HJ170-5224 170-5224 0R4986 C10/3176C
HJ170-5235 170-5235 0R9591 3176B
HJ170-5236 170-5236 0R9596 3176B
HJ170-5237 170-5237 0R9592 3176B
HJ170-5238 170-5238 0R9594 3176B
HJ170-5239 170-5239 0R9597 3176B

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