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ID# 007896

Remington SP130 Smooth and Silky Foil Pack WDF 5500/6000 BRAND NEW & ORIGINAL - Annova Biz

Trinity House, Heather Park Drive Trinity House
United Kingdom
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Remington SP130 Smooth and Silky Foil Pack - Your Remington Shaver requires very little maintenance throughout its life. Simply keep it clean, charged, and replace foils as necessary.

Keep it clean Keeping the shaver clean and free of hairs will improve the quality of the shave and reduce the chance of irritation. All shavers come with cleaning brushes to brush off any build-up, and washable shavers can be rinsed under a tap. Those with more delicate skin might like to try using a drop of tea tree oil mixed in with the water as for natural anti bacterial qualities.

Charge it up By following the charging instructions in the product information leaflet, customers are sure to maintain the shaver's performance. Be sure to always completely dry both the shaver and your hands before putting it on the charger.


Replacement foils for electric shavers
Fits models: WDF5500, WDF6000
Genuine Remington components
Extends the life of your Remington shaver
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